What an incredible, challenging, and weird year 2020 into 2021 has been. From a global pandemic that brought our modern world to a near halt, to nearly two months of good surf in December into January filled with insane crowds and amazing rides and conditions. The Rincon Classic has withstood the tests of time and ran for 17 consecutive years under the original founders from 1979-1996 and then produced under Surf Happens for 20 straight years 2001-2020 before we opted to go virtual for 2021.

Basically this year is a wash and we put the virtual event together with Channel Islands surfboards to keep the stoke and tradition alive. Nothing can replace the community gathering and feeling of an empty line up at Rincon with friends and the thrill of getting a good wave and hearing your family and friends cheering on the beach as the announcers call out the action. All of that will be back in 2022 and we look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Thanks to all of the surfers who sent in some really incredible submissions for the 2021 Classic Ride, Wave Of The Season RC 21 virtual event. When the spray settled and our WSL judges dropped their scores we were able to crown divisonal winners. Check out all of the winner videos here. Special congratulations to Vela Mattive for winning the Wahines U17 and the overall Classic Ride, Wave Of The Winter title for 2021.


Wave Of The Season Goes To Vela Mattive!

Check out all of the winning videos below…