2018 JWAA Award Recipient : David “Dave” Letinsky


Dave Letinsky is a pillar of the local surfing community. He has been a mentor to young surfers in the area for over 30 years, spreading stoke and wisdom, while acting as a mentor, coach, and teacher. “Uncle Dave”, as he has affectionately been called by the likes of Conner and Parker Coffin amongst others, has a way about him that just makes you feel like family, along with a keen eye for recognizing and developing talent.

Unbiased, patient, and genuinely stoked, this moustache clad legend embodies the Hawaiian adage of Aloha. His positive energy and enthusiasm seems to only brighten with each passing year as he continues to share his experience and passion with generations of kids.

He spends his weekends travelling up and down the coast supporting his athletes at amateur surfing events, and when not teaching home school, or working with at risk kids and youth with special needs, he may be found at Rincon, or other local watering holes, taking photos or video of his starred pupils and friends within the community. Father to son’s Dustin and Jack Letinsky, two amazing surfers in their own right, Dave is first and foremost a dad and family man.