Rule #1

The Rincon Classic is open to 805 Residents ONLY. All entry’s from outside of the 805 will be removed from eligibility and issued a refund after the heat draw is posted on the Wednesday prior to the event minus the 3.5% credit card charge assessed for reversing the transaction. Proof of residency (mail or I.D) must be provided upon request.

If a former resident wishes to apply for an event wildcard, they may submit a request. All former champions who apply for a wildcard and register within the designated period will be granted entry into the event.

Rule #2

All entries are prioritized through the long standing “Ripple Effect”. The premise behind the Ripple Effect rule is to consider priority and local status using the metaphor of dropping a rock in the water at Rincon and the areas that the ripple hits first have entry priority. The areas closest to Rincon Point receive first priority as follows: Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Goleta, Oxnard. Remaining areas in the 805 will be prioritized by location and date of entry.

Rule #3

Entry’s must register during the month long entry window December 1-31 to be properly prioritized. You may enter the event online, or by mailing a check and entry form. If your entry was not received online or via mail prior to the entry deadline you will not be considered for entry unless spaces are still available in which case a limited number of beach entries will be excepted. All division ages are as of January 1 of the competition year, 01/01/23 for the 2023 event.

Youth divisions
12U, 14U, 17U, Wahines 17U

Adult Divisions
Mens 18+
Masters 35-44
Grand Masters 45-54
Legends 55-64
Super Legends 65 plus
Womens 17+
Lady Legends
Longboard (all ages)

Specialty Divisions
Rincon Brewery Professional Division (must be current or former professional or have won the Juniors or Mens division in the last 2 years to qualify for this division)

NOTE – All divisions have a MAXIMUM board length of 8’ except the Longboard division which has a MINIMUM board length of 9’.


Rule #4

Surfers that have lived in the area for more than 10 years and moved away may still enter into the event with proof of living in the area. Accepted forms of proof include (high school diploma, drivers license, bills, memorabilia, etc). These surfers will be allowed to participate, “space allowing” and will not be placed in the event ahead of any entrants “currently” residing in the 805. All out of the area entries are subject to approval by the board of directors

Rule #5

Under special circumstances hall of fame surfers, tour surfers, or industry professionals from outside of the area working for an event sponsor may be invited to participate in the expression session or other specialty divisions at the sole discretion of the board of directors.

Rule #6

Competing surfers will not surf within the competition area at any time during the event unless acting as assigned Water Patrol. There will be no warnings just immediate disqualification. No exceptions.

Rule #7

Competing surfers will not park in the homeowners community, or walk through home owners property. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification from the event. All those with “permission” to park on home owners property MUST have a valid permit issued by the Rincon Home Owners Association (RHOA) with valid dates for the weekend of the event. All violators will be towed.

Rule #8

Competition complaints: All complaints must be written and emailed to head quarters (pre-event) for consideration. Complaints or discrepancies during the event must be written and presented to the Shore Sheriff within fifteen minutes of the heat in question.

Rule #9

Sportsmanship: All competitors must maintain sportsman like attitude and will refrain from poor behavior, fighting, profanity, and other inappropriate behavior at all times. If you encounter a problem please file a complaint with the Shore Sheriff, or the State Parks Rangers on hand who are there for your safety. For any in water incidents please consult our water patrol who monitor each heat from the lineup, they are there to assist you if a situation arises.

Rule #10

Parking: Park only in designated and clearly marked parking spaces. All vehicles parked illegally (off of pavement, in emergency areas, or on the shoulder of the highway) are subject to ticketing and/or towing by the California State Parks rangers.

Rule #11

Look up the schedule of events on rinconclassic.com and allow enough time to get to the contest site.

Rule #12

Check in with the Shore Sherriff 15 minutes before your heat as alternates will be standing by for entry. If you have not checked in by the five minute warning you will be replaced by an alternate.

Rule #13

If the event is postponed and an entered athlete is unable to attend the subsequent rescheduled weekend(s), an email must be sent at least seven (7) days prior to the event being held in order to receive a refund. All refunds will be issued minus the 3.5% transaction reversal fee, the Wednesday after the event.

Rule #14:

Dogs must be on a leash at all times ($175 fine)

Rule #15:

No alcohol on the beach