Rincon Classic Overflow Parking & Shuttle

No Worries! We have a shuttle running all day from the Channel Islands Factory to Rincon Point.


RC Shuttle

 Avoid the parking hassles and Jump On The School Bus for a free ride to and from the 2023 Channel Islands Surfboards Rincon Classic. Shuttles will be running from 10:30-6pm daily from Mark Avenue and the CI factory with drop offs located in between the County, and State parking lots. Pick ups will be offered at the same location. Please remember that the State Parks and Highway Patrol are our partners on this event and they will be keeping the peace, and diligently ticketing and/or towing, any vehicles parked illegally in unmarked stalls, on the freeway on or offramps, on foliage or dirt under trees, or anywhere that is not a clearly marked legal parking area. For your convenience we have partnered with Jump On The School Bus to provide a free shuttle to the public for the last five years. Enjoy the Classic and remove the stress. Jump On The School Bus!