The 2023 Rincon Classic

Waiting Period January 21 – March 4

Registration December 1 – 30

Is the Rincon Classic the Best Homegrown Pro-Am in America?


The 2022 Rincon Classic

That’s a wrap!


The 805’s top professional surfers battle it out to see who owns the Queen!


The 805’s local surf shops battle it out to see who owns the Queen!


2023 Award Recipient : Frederick Herzog


2023 Award Recipient : Daniel ” Cookie Monster” Bralver


RC22 Wrap Up & Results

A bird in the hand is better than a shot in the foot. After more than six weeks of lackluster surf conditions, a series of west swells stacked on the horizon heading towards the first weekend of the waiting period for the 2022 Channel Islands Surfboards Rincon Classic which pointed towards an easy call. It was clear by all forecasts that there would be a modest swell, but coming from an ideal direction and early on the winds were predicted to be light.

After making the green light decision on Wednesday morning, the wind forecasts suddenly pointed towards very strong Northeast winds from Ventura that had potential to blow from the Southeast the Saturday of the event which is far from ideal. The trigger had been pulled and there was no turning back and the Friday morning prior to the event it seemed that everything was working in our favor to hold the 40th annual event. The scaffold and contest site erected and anchored down we left for the night with eager anticipation for the start of the event.

Pre-dawn on Saturday the overnight winds had just started to abate when contest director Chris Keet arrived at the contest site. The scene was somewhat chaotic as 10 of the sponsor tents had ripped from their anchors and had been capsized and strewn along the rocky shoreline.

The team set into action and re-assembled or replaced the tents that had been broken with the help of contestants and volunteers, and everything was on schedule with the first heat of the day checked in and in the water when a phone call came in at 6:45, five minutes before the event was to start. “ Did you hear about the Tsunami warning?” The voice on the line echoed. What?!! Contestants and spectators were ushered to the safety of high land and an hour and ten minute hold was put into place for safety purposes.

Then the event was off and running for an hour before the rain began to fall and a power outage ensued. But then everything started falling into place. The wind turned the right direction by 10:30 am and the rain stopped, a healthy crowd arrived on the beach and the scene was filled with stoke. The rest of the weekend unfolded with a fairy tale ending as the wind disappeared and the background swell grew and provided picturesque canvases for everyone to enjoy. From the U12 to the Super Legends and the Rincon Brewery Pro all contestants put forth stellar performances, but the Queen and the majesty of her lines truly stole the show and was documented for the world to see through a live webcast courtesy of Dream Cast Media Group.

Action Highlights

Event highlights included Ronin Castorino’s buzzer beater 9.67 in the last 20 seconds to overtake an in form Maddox Keet in the U12 division for his first Rincon Classic win. Castorino has a rail game and backside attack reminiscent of the areas greats such as Bobby Martinez and Parker Coffin. Keet who was a double finalist was also the youngest finalist of the event (10) which garnered him the “Perfect Ten” performance award.

The power and aggression of 13 year old Aiden Albada was unstoppable who handily won the U14 Boys division. U17 Juniors winner Tyler Chiarappa caught a buzzer beater to advance through the semi finals over perennial finalist Jak Ziets knocking him out of the event, and kept that winning form through the finals for an incredible victory over the areas best surfers.

U12 and U14 competitior and the second youngest finalist Dominic Arce is one of the young guns emerging from the area and showcased precision and form well beyond his years that out him in contention in both divisions. U14 Boys runner up Koa Modicette showcased mature style and flair and put forth a great effort.

Mens Open champion Trevor Barry put forth a combination of power and flair for a convincing win over a stacked field. Masters Champion Brent Power lived up to his name and put forth a combination of rail and precision to take his first Rincon Classic title. Grand Masters was a tight affair with Walt Cerny blasting his way to victory with form and flair for a narrow match victory over a last minute buzzer beater charge by Chris Keet who fell just under his required score getting an 8 when he needed an 8.23. Keet then helped chair an ecstatic Cerny up the beach who won the event in the first time he had made it into the draw.

Legends winner Tony Luna got barreled and chose the best waves and pulled off some radical turns to take the title over Bryan Gragg. The new Super Legends debut featured some icons of the sport with the title going to Bill Urbany.

On the womens side of things some of the best surfing in the event went down with Wahines winner Vela Mattive posting two perfect tens in separate heats and a dominant performance to take her first title. Makena Burke from Ventura was not to be outdone and put on a clinic and earned two perfect tens of her own to take the Womens title.

Also in the perfect 10 club was the Longboard Champion Cole Robbins who scored a perfect 10 in the semi final and then again on his first wave in the final ending up with the highest point total of the event a 19.93 to secure his 8th Longboard title. Wrapping up the event was another new division, the Lady Legends, featuring stalwart female surfers from the area who scored some of the best waves and conditions of the event. The stylish and powerful Miranda Joseph took home the inaugural title.

Specialty Divisions

The Rincon Brewery Pro division now has a new champion to add to the list of world famous names. 19 year old Dimitri Poulos from Ventura won his first Pro title in convincing form and netted $1,300 in the process. His last victory in the event was in 2017 in the Boys division.

The VISSLA Expression Session made it’s debut with a list of 12 invitees who picked a number out of a hat from 1-10 and then chose from an eclectic batch of vintage Channel Islands Surfboards to ride from the early 70’s to the late 90’s. The crew put on a show with top performances put on by World Tour surfers Lakey Peterson and Sage Erickson, icon Dane Reynolds, JWAA winner Wayne Rich, with unforgettable rides by all other participants.

Each day as the tide receded tribe members came together to be green to the Queen for the Hydroflask beach clean ups. The goal was to leave Rincon cleaner than before the event and to promote using reusable drink tins and coffee mugs over single use plastics. Every participant was awarded Hydroflasks for their efforts.

After the event concluded the Padaro Beach grill awards ceremony featured inspiring and emotional speeches by special award recipients (Jeff White Aloha Award for Lifetime Achievement) Wayne Rich, and Chris Brown Eternal Stoke award recipients for Conner Coffin and Parker Coffin. The 40th anniversary Rincon Classic will go down in the record books for the back story of the natural disasters unfolding, but also how mother nature provided a day and half of perfection to the community.